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CW3 / CW4 Converter Welder

The ATI CW3 Converter Welder removes all the aggravation, eliminates all the guesswork and produces a perfectly true, leak-proof converter far superior to OEM quality—one that you will be proud to sell and confident to use!

The CW3 has complete tack speed control, and allows for “rolling” tacks—which are completely covered by the final weld bead. This makes for a better quality weld, and eliminates the leaks that come from stationary tacks.

Some welding machines attempt to defy gravity by requiring the weld to be above the torch. ATI’s proven CW3 rotates 90° so the operator can always weld with the torch facing down, which allows the bead to “lay in” properly. The CW3 positions the converter at a 45° angle, which makes for an ideal weld.

The rotational speed of the converter as it’s being welded is crucial. Different converters require different weld speeds—and that’s why the CW3 offers five selectable speed settings, with each of them independently adjustable.

Converter-to-converter consistency is assured through the CW3’s use of a 6-jaw chuck instead of a collet. GM engineers have confirmed that this is the only method they know of that will provide repeatability in the welding process.

ATI's new CW4
Welder now available!

5" more swing and can
accommodate a 2" taller
converter than the CW3!


Fixture, clearance and weld torque converters in 2 minutes or less.
Welds with the torch face down, parallel to the floor, to allow the bead to “lay in” properly.
Rotates 90° so that even Chrysler converters can be welded with the torch facing down.
Multiple weld speeds to accommodate a variety of converter sizes.
Rotates to keep weld bead parallel to the floor
Patented coupler allows for super-accurate, and independent alignment of concentric and perpendicular planes
3” diameter moving face plate shaft
2-1/2” diameter spindle mounted on Torrington cup & cone rollers
Solid state SCR-controlled gear drive assembly
Converter run-out is less than .005” hub to pilot
1 year warranty

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Tooling & Training

CW3 Overhaul Program
Hub Welding Fixture - 991450
  CW3 Small Parts Kit (included)
Part No.
   CW4 Converter Welder - less Power Supply and Wire Feeder
   CW3 Converter Welder - less Power Supply and Wire Feeder
   CW3 Hub Welding Fixture
   Tooling and Training Package
   Tooling Package Only
   CW3 Bodine Motor Retro Fit Kit - includes template and hardware

CW3 Shipping Weight: 810 lbs. - 33" x 78" x 38"
CW3 Power Requirements: 230V - 3 Ø - 30A
CW3 Power Supply 967110: 375 lbs - 31" x 48" x 37"

CW4 Shipping Weight: 915 lbs. - 30" x 72" x 38"
CW4 Power Requirements: 1 Phase or 3 Phase
CW4 Power Supply 967110: 375 lbs - 31" x 48" x 37"


Loading the machine Preparing the welder Welding the converter Unloading the machine

CW3 Small Parts Kit
1 954140 Cover Spacers - 1/2" long (Set of 4)
1 990330 Audi Hub Adapter
1 990340-2 Ford Cover Stud Spacers (Set of 4)
1 990380 Cover Spacers - 3/8" long (Set of 4)
1 990381 Cover Spacers - 5/8" long (Set of 4)
1 990382 Cover Spacers - .103" long (Set of 3)
1 990383 Cover Spacers - .300" long (Set of 4)
1 990384 Cover Spacers - 618 Chrysler (Set of 6)
1 990620B Front Wheel Drive Chuck Jaw Spacers (Set of 6)
1 990630B Front Wheel Drive Chuck Jaw Spacers (Set of 6)
1 990660B Front Wheel Drive Chuck Jaw Spacers (Set of 6)
1 990670B Front Wheel Drive Chuck Jaw Spacers (Set of 6)
1 990280 Cover Pusher with Bearing and O-Ring
1 990290 Cover Pusher with Bearing and O-Ring
1 990300 Cover Pusher with Bearing and O-Ring
1 990310 Cover Pusher with Bearing and O-Ring
1 990320 Cover Pusher with Bearing and O-Ring
1 990210 Dial Indicator, Extension
1 991345 Magnetic Base - Screw-on
1 991349 Extension
1 968000 10' 1/4" Air Line
10 967053 Torch Contact Tips
1 967051 Torch Cup
1 967056 Torch Liner
1 990481 Pilot Bushings (Set of 26)
    990480-C2 990480-G3
    990480-C2S 990480-H1
    990480-C3 990480-HY1
    990480-C4 990480-J1
    990480-F1 990480-M1
    990480-F2 990480-N1
    990480-F3 990480-R1
    990480-F4 990480-S1
    990480-F5 990480-S2
    990480-F6 990480-T1
    990480-F7 990480-T2
    990480-F8 990480-V1
    990480-G2 990480-ZU1
1 990480-C1 Pilot Bushing (optional)
1 990480-H2 Pilot Bushing (optional)
1 990480-VN1 Pilot Bushing (optional)
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