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Damper Tuning


Extensive dyno and on-track testing has proven the Super Damper™ far superior to all other designs, especially on engines that turn over 5000 rpm.

Our dampers are used on performance and endurance engines worldwide. Every Sprint Cup, Nationwide Series, and Camping World Truck engine, and every ASA LSI Vortec engine. GM's Vortec off-road 6 cylinders, the Katech World Challenge C5R Corvettes, and Viper V10 engines. They all use the ATI Super Damper because it has proven to be the most effective damper in the world, thanks to it's versitily and tunabilty.

To tune the Super Damper on such a wide range of high perfomance engines, the dampers use seven different inertia weights from 1.2 to 4.5 lbs. Elastomer O-rings in 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90 durometer are available to match a specific inertia weight to a given engine to eliminate torsional twist of the crankshaft.

ATI's Super Damper™ field testing is performed by J.C. Beattie utilizing Scentific Atlanta's SA390-2 state-of-the-art Dynamic Signal Analyzer and SA 250 torsional convertor. Coupled to a custom designed optical encoder pickup that bolts directly to the front of the damper, J.C. can read up to twenty orders of harmonic vibration. He can then adjust inertia weight and elastomer durometer to reduce specific orders on a given engine. By analyzing the torsional crank twist and installing the correct ATI damper, torsionals can be reduced to 2/10s of a degree or less.


Crankshaft Torsianl Vibration Measurements

J.C. is on a first name basis with nearly every Sprint Cup engine builder in the country and has extensively tested numerous engines at hundreds of locations including:

Arrington Race Engines
Bill Davis Racing
Dale Earnhart, Inc.
Evernham Motor Sports
Hendrick Motorsports
Penske-Jasper Racing
Ernie Elliot Racing
Reher- Morrison

  Joe Gibbs Racing
Richard Childress Racing
Signature Race Engines
Sterling Race Engines
Roush-Yates Racing
Toyota Racing Development
Pro Motor
Sonny Leonard

If you would like to learn more about damper testing or set up an appointment, please feel free to contact J.C. Beattie at ATI toll free at 1 800 284 3433.

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