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ATI SCS-30 Cooling System for Powerglide Transmissions


ATI SCS-30 Trans Cooling System
ATI SCS-30 Super Cooling System
(Dragster set-up shown)
PATENT #8,251,851

External Pump Motor
ATI Performance Products is proud to introduce its new SCS-30 Super Cooling System. The SCS-30 allows you to keep your transmission fluid cool—with your engine turned off! It functions exactly like your engine is running, completing the cooler circuit normally supplied by the transmission pump, into the converter, out to the cooler and back to the transmission moving 30 gallons of hot fluid an hour through your fan mounted oil cooler. The system will completely cool your transmission and converter between rounds to increase consistency and reliability, while an optional sensor allows drivers to set a preset temperature for the SCS to cool to. It also allows racers click to neutral in the traps and kill the motor without loosing critical transmission lube pressure.

Internal cooler lines
The SCS-30 cooling system is designed with a heavy duty, extreme-temperature, all metal gear pump, a rugged 10mm timing belt driving HTD toothed pulleys, and Teflon lined, stainless braided lines with AN fittings. The system can also be supplied with multiple options. The SCS-30 is available as a factory installed option for new ATI Powerglide Transmissions and SuperCases®, or can be installed during your next transmission overhaul. Please contact an ATI sales representative for further information.
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