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New Super Damper Catalog from ATI Performance Products


ATI Performance Products, Inc. debuted its newest Torsional Super Damper catalog recently. Included in the latest catalog are ATI's new Serpentine Series Super Damper and an expanded Damper Accessories section.

The ATI Super Damper is the only damper designed exclusively for high RPM performance engines. NHRA and IHRA accepted and NASCAR approved, the Super Damper is known industry wide as "the best engine protection money can buy." The ATI Super Damper is used on nearly 100 percent of Winston Cup engines. The Super Damper is available in steel or aluminum in two different diameters to fit virtually any engine application.

The new ATI Serpentine Series Super Damper contains grooves for serpentine belts machined into the outer damper shell. This new Super Damper is available for LS-1, LT-1, and LT-4 GM engines, the Ford Modular 4.6 liter engine and the Toyota JZ80 and 4YE engines. These innovative Super Dampers feature built-in serpentine pulleys on the OD of the damper and are available in OEM 7 ½-inch or 6 ¾-inch diameters. Serpentine Series Super Dampers are available in a standard 6-groove configuration, or with 8 or 10 grooves for blower applications. These new crank hubs were developed and tested on the LS-1 equipped racing motors used in the American Speed Association (ASA) stock car series. Additionally, the Serpentine Series Super Dampers fit all ATI GM-front crank hubs and can be adapted to any engine providing maximum flexibility. The dampers are available in steel or lightweight hard-coated aluminum and come with laser engraved 360-degree timing marks.

ATI's updated Super Damper catalog includes expanded damper accessories. A Damper Rebuilding Tool Set allows you to assemble and disassemble the Super Damper with ease, while the T-40 Torx Plus ¼-inch Hex Shank Bit must be used when removing the bolt of the shell assembly. Modified to accommodate an ATI 7-inch Super Damper, the aluminum SB Ford Water Pump is much lighter than a cast iron OEM water pump. Plus, ATI now carries a damper crank bolt and a damper retaining bolt with integral washer for a small or big block Chevy. These items are in addition to ATI's damper accessory line, which includes Damper Puller/Installers, Damper Timing Pointers, Elastomer Kits, Spacers, Dry Sump Drive Mandrels, Damper Hardware, and Hub and Weight Assemblies for Small Block and Big Block 454-502.

ATI's new Torsional Super Damper catalog has already been receiving favorable reviews from customers. For your free copy, please call the ATI Performance Products technical staff today at 1-800-284-3433.

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