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ATI's Chris Rini breaks into the 5s!!!
ATIís Chris Rini put down a 5.988 ET at 236.4 MPH to become the 1st person in any NMCA Class to break into the fives! Chris runs an ATI Superglide 4 and an ATI Outlaw Converter, making his '69 Bickel Pro Mod Camaro the fastest nitrous True Automatic in the world! Congratulations on your record breaking run!

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Rini sets new Pro Street Record New Products at the 2010 PRI Show
ATI's Super F™ 100% Synthetic Type F Automatic Transmission Fluid, the new SFI certified Supra Bellhousing and the new Lock-up Outlaw Torque Converter!
Rini sets new Pro Street Record Chris Rini sets a new Pro Street Record
Chris Rini goes 6.185 @ 232 mph at the NMCA Supewrbowl, a new NMCA Pro Street Record!
ATI Products at PRI Show ATI Showcase at PRI
PowerTV stops by the ATI booth to find out about the SCS-30 Cooler, the new ATI Super Stop and the new Superglide 4.
ATI Super Stop
ATI Damper on LSX-TV ATI Damper on 800HP N/A LS Build
LSX-TV's World Warhawk 454 LSX makes 800+ Hp with an ATI Super Damper - and no power adders! Video & Article.
Chris Rini's Unforgettable Flight Chris Rini's Unforgettable Flight
Chris Rini talks about his experience aboard Flight 1549 that ditched in the Hudson River shortly after takeoff on January 15, 2009.
ATI's Dave Hance goes in the 6's Dave Hance - first in the 6's!
Dave Hance's 6.93 pass - the first 6 second pass ever by a radial tire car. All that with a stock suspension and no wheelie bars!
Tim Lynch Tim Lynch's 6.49 pass!
Tim Lynch at the '08 Shakedown @ Englishtown making a pass of 6.49 @ 224.43 mph—a new Outlaw 10.5 class Record!
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