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ATI Damper Technology

The patented ATI Super Damper® is the only harmonic damper designed exclusively for high performance engines yet forgiving enough for everyday drivers. The proven elastomer design is actually two dampers in one: A 4" inner diameter and a 5-1/2", 6 3/8", 7", or 8" diameter outer damper in two shells that bolt to the crank hub.

All ATI Super Dampers® feature a replaceable bolt-in crank hub. Steel shells are black zinc chromate finished and Aluminum is Hard Anodized. All have computer controlled, laser engraved 360° timing marks.

All units are SFI manufacturer certified and exceed SFI spec. 18-1. The patented Super Damper® also gives you guaranteed performance. Your car will run as fast as or faster than with your present damper or your money back. Dyno tests have proven the Super Damper® will allow the engine to produce as much as 45 HP over a poorly sized Fluidampr at 7,500 RPMs and commonly 12 to 30 HP over OEM and other aftermarket brands on high performance engines.

For years, major manufacturers have used the elastomer-type damper design. These conventional, single-strip elastomer dampers have proven very effective on OEM applications operated at low RPM's. They were also surprisingly effective at high RPM's. Many engineering studies have shown that elastomer style dampers to be the far superior to the friction type and markedly better than the viscous type in controlling vibrations over a wide range.

Conventional single strip elastomer dampers are not re-buildable. The main problem with this type of damper is a loss of certain controls inherent in the manufacturing process. An inertia weight pressed with a rubber insulator to the crank hub allows the possibility of the ring to move in its relation to the keyway. It is also impossible to maintain the concentricity of the inertia ring during manufacturing. The ring must be machined after it's pressed to the hub, and then balanced after machining. When it works loose with age or from multiple cycles, the ring will move, and the damper will be out of balance.

Hundreds of these OEM imitation SFI approved dampers have failed in service on high RPM engines.

Viscous fluid dampers are sealed and you don’t know you have problem until it’s too late. The inertia weight can become fixed (locked) by bearing failure or, more commonly, from the silicone turning to a solid mass. Your first warning of damper failure will probably be a broken crankshaft resulting in the replacement of your damper AND the engine. Viscous fluid dampers are not only ineffective but are actually detrimental at high RPM's.

The solution? The ATI Torsional Super Damper® - the unconventional, unbonded elastomer Super Damper™ that is actually 2 dampers in 1 diameter.

The ATI Super Damper® is the only damper designed exclusively for high performance engines. The proven elastomer design is actually two dampers in one and O-ring life has been tested to over 3.5 million race cycles in Sprint Cup competition (6500+ RPM, 600+ miles) and 10+ years (188 - 11 run weekends) in drag racing. The unit is re-buildable to new specifications by installing new O-rings and field serviceable. You can have a totally fresh Damper for as little as $75! Extensive dyno and on-the-track testing by ATI, GM, Toyota Racing Development (TRD), and all of the NASCAR engine builders have proven the Super Damper® far superior to all other designs, and is trusted by 100% of NASCAR engine builders and reputable engine builders around the world!


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