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ATI is proud to offer One Ethanol
Racing Fuel and Rock Racing Batteries!

ATI Performance Products is proud to be a distributor for Rock Racing Batteries and the Master North East Warehouse for One Ethanol Racing Fuel. ATI prides itself on making product in America, and both of these new lines do so as well!

One Ethanol fuels are derived from the purest ethanol base stock made in America. Their 25-year bio-fuel experience, precision equipment, and certified standards ensure you will always receive perfect and consistent product every time you open a new container of One Ethanol.

One Ethanol offers two blends depending on your needs. The “R” is a specially formulated ethanol blend intended for high-performance racing engines. “R” was designed to be used in forced induction, nitrous, and naturally aspirated engines requiring race fuels with an octane rating of 117 or higher.

One Ethanol “S” is a high performance E85 fuel built for racers with powerful engines requiring precise ethanol content. “S” is intended to be used in forced induction, nitrous, and naturally aspirated engines that typically use race fuels with an octane rating of 100 to 112. Both "R" and "S" fuels are available for pick up in 54-gallon drums or 5-gallon pails.

One Ethanol “S”
One Ethanol “R”
Part #100900
5 Gallon Pail  
Part #100903
5 Gallon Pail
Part #100901
55 Gallon Drum  
Part #100904
55 Gallon Drum

Rock Batteries are designed to provide the increased cranking power necessary for today’s racing electronics and engine starting requirements. All Rock Batteries feature absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery technology. AGM technology was originally developed in 1985 for military aircraft usage where, just like in racing, the battery’s power, weight, safety, and reliability are paramount considerations.

Rock Batteries are made in the USA by a cutting edge aircraft battery manufacture, operating since 1979. Now this technology has been incorporated into the Rock Batteries line of products.

Part #100800
12V 700A Battery  
Part #100804
12/16 Volt Charger
Part #100801
12V 850A Battery  
Part #100805
12 Volt Charger
Part #100802
16V 1050A Battery  
Part #100803
16V 3 post Battery  

ATI Performance Products is located in Baltimore, MD, and specializes in producing and maintaining high performance products for street and strip applications. Over the years ATI has earned a reputation for its cutting-edge technology, attention to detail, and rigorous testing under race conditions. For more information please visit or call 410-298-4343.

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