ATI Press Release
ATI Introduces New 1.62 Ratio Vasco Gear Sets for Big Shaft Powerglide Transmissions

ATI is proud to introduce our new 1.62 ratio, straight cut, Vasco gear sets for Powerglide Transmissions rated up to 3,500 hp. These new, heavy-duty gear sets accept 27-Spline Input Shafts and feature a T400 Output Shaft. Special case machining is required and once the case has been machined, it cannot go back to a standard type gear set. The special parts needed to install this gear set are included. A lightweight billet Aluminum carrier and gun drilled output shaft are standard on these gear sets and saves over 2 lbs! Each gear set comes complete with Flange and Reverse Ring Gears and a reverse piston, pressure plate, frictions & steels. They are available in both standard 28-inch lengths and shorty 18-inch lengths for rear engine dragsters. ATI warranties all gear sets for 2 years against failure and are on sale now for $2995.

#204880VS-LWT – 1.62 Vasco Gear Set 28”
#204879VS-LWT – 1.62 Vasco Gear Set 18”

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