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  The ATI COPO Camaro #008 Sets the NHRA SSA/A Record at Englishtown  
  The ATI COPO is running strong! This weekend was the first time running the car in air under 75 degrees and the performance really took off! "Actually, it took off a little more than expected", Beattie, Jr said. "We were able to set the Super Stock SSA/A record at 8.449 and 161.83 MPH." The ATI crew took the motor apart for tech inspection, easily passed, and put it back together in order to make first round. The ET and MPH records where set at 3600 lbs, on a true 10.5" Hoosier, and running VP C16. The performance of the ATI COPO speaks volumes for the package the guys at GM put together for all the COPO owners to race.

Naturally, ATI’s COPO Camaro is fitted with plenty of ATI's performance products, including ATI’s Fuel Comp T400 transmission in an ATI SuperCase, paired with a 9" Fuel and Blown Torque Converter. The trans is filled with Super F ATF and mated to an LS1 crank adapter and flexplate with a 10 Rib ATI Super Damper to run the supercharger. The Katech built motor is from all factory parts and to factory specs as GM supplied and the Whipple 4.0L blower has never missed a beat. The ATI crew is looking forward to going some rounds in the upcoming races before the season is over.

New NHRA SSA/A Record: 8.449 @ 161.83 MPH
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