New! Lightweight Titanium Bolt Kits for ATI Dampers, Transmissions and Valve Bodies!

Ti Powerglide SuperCase Bolt Kit

Ti Billet Aluminum Valvebody Bolt Kit

Ti Bolt Kit - Damper - fits all 3 bolt, except Chrysler and Ford OEM 4 bolt


ATI Performance Products is proud to offer lightweight titanium bolt kits! The titanium bolts are made in the USA and replace the steel bolts found on popular ATI Super Dampers, Transmissions and Valvebodies. Kit 950200T includes 6 titanium 5/16 -18x1 countersunk bolts and 3 Titanium 3/8-16x1 bolts that fit most standard dampers. Kit 950220T comes with 6 titanium 5/16-18x1 countersunk bolts for the damper face.

Titanium Transmission Bolts
For transmission applications, ATI’s Ti Powerglide Kit comes complete with almost all of the bolts needed on a standard Powerglide including the pump, pan, governor support, parking pawl bridge, valvebody halves, valvebody to case and the extension housing while the Ti Super Case Kit includes everything found in the PG kit, plus additional titanium bolts for the bellhousing to case. A titanium bolt kit is also available for ATI’s new lightweight Billet Aluminum Valvebody (P/N 203051) that’s seven pounds lighter than the OEM unit.

Don’t forget to ask about these bolt kits when you place your next order at ATI!

Ti Bolt Kit - Damper Bolt Pack - Face Bolts only - (6) 5/16 -18x1" countersunk

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