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6L80E & 8L90E Transmissions

In late 2005, General Motors introduced the 6L80E six speed automatic transmission. Featuring clutch to clutch shifting, it eliminated the one-way clutches used in earlier transmissions. Its eight-speed successor, the 8L90E was introduced in 2014. ATI is now developing components to upgrade your 6 and 8 speed transmission!

6L80E 6-Speed Transmssion

The 6L80E has a gear ratio spread of 4.03, 2.36, 1.53, 1.15, .85 and .67. At 500HP, the clutches in these units go out and at 700HP you WILL start hurting hard parts. ATI can build up your 6L80E transmission for up to 1000HP.
  8L90E 8-Speed Transmssion
The 8L90E is an eight speed with gear ratios of 4.56, 2.97, 2.08, 1.69, 1.27, 1.00, 0.85, 0.65 and REVERSE 3.82. A numerically high 4.56 first gear ratio offers strong take-off performance while a wide 7.0:1 overall ratio helps optimize cruising efficiency. Two versions are available: a slip-yoke design for use with the LT1 engine and a fixed-yoke design to be used with the LT4. ATI upgrades all 8L90E transmissions with increased clutches and a different clutch material make-up and also upgrades the clutch drums from LT1 units. These units are a great choice for everything from a '32 Ford Street Rod to a '69 Camaro Pro touring car to your drag car like those seen on Drag Week.

6L80E / 8L90E Transmission Components and Accessories

8L90E Filter

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8L90E HDXTREME™ Clutch & Friction Kits
Massive amounts of holding capacity for your 8L90E transmission! Increased clutch counts in all positions by as much as 40%! Billet steel, American Made, pressure plates, with updated high performance frictions and steels.

Coming soon - currently in vehicle testing phase

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