ATI Super Dampers Win Every Race of the 2015 ARCA Season!
Illmor ARCA Engine

The 2015 ARCA racing season came to close and the ATI Super Damper was on 34 teams’ engines built by Ilmor Engineering, Inc. 74,468 miles were ran at ARCA sanctioned events in 2015 and Super Damper equipped engines won 20 out of 20 races!

When ARCA and Ilmor teamed up to build the next generation ARCA power plant, their only call for a Harmonic Balancer was to ATI for the Super Damper. ATI was able to perform a Torsional Vibration study with our in-house test equipment at the Ilmor facility. After evaluating the engines operating parameters an off the shelf Super Damper combination was chosen. The engines were sold to any team who wanted one for the 2015 season. 74,468 testing and race miles later the new engine won 20 out of 20 events and with only two internal failures along the way. Drag racers…that is the equivalent of 297,872 1/4 mile passes!

Do you need any more reason to find an ATI Super Damper for your engine? If so we have hundreds of thousands of more race miles to help convince you:

  • 100% of the NASCAR field uses the ATI Super Damper
  • 100% of the NHRA Pro Stock wins were with an ATI Super Damper
  • The Corvette, Cadillac, Viper, and Ford road race teams all run the ATI Super Damper
  • All 3 NHRA Factory Drag Race programs; Chevy, Dodge and Ford use the ATI Super Damper
  • PDRA record holders such as Pat Stockens and Carl Stevens Jr use an ATI Super Damper
  • Many GM, and Mopar crate engines rely on the ATI Super Damper

If it is a high performance, piston driven, engine then you will find an ATI Super Damper being used!

Name your world class engine builder here: _____________, If they fit under that title, they use the ATI Super Damper. If they are not using or recommending an ATI Super Damper, then they have more than your engine's performance and longevity on their mind. If another damper worked as well as the ATI Super Damper, don't you think one of these teams, companies or builders would be using it? The ATI Super Damper, quite simply, is the best engine protection your money can buy. - 800-284-3433